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Zim clutched the strap from his book bag a she walked to skool. Middle skool. The first day of eight grade. He had already memorized all his periods. He just hoped he didn't have any with the Dib-stink.

At the same time Dib was walking thorugh the park from the opposite direction.
His backpack hanging casually over his shoulder he was whisteling some nonsense melody while thinking about how Middle Skool would be.
But soon his only thought was: Zim.
Would he even attend Skool anymore?
He hoped not, because Zim was just plain annoying in class.
Just as he thought about that, Dib was leaving the Pain Park as the Skool entrance came into view- along with a certain little green "kid"...
"Damn, I cheered too soon...", Dib mumbled.

Zim took a turn and walked inside the skool. It looked so old that it would cost a penny to buy it all. He mentally groaned as soon as he saw the halls swarming with acne filled students.

Dib saw how Zim entered the building. For a short moment he took a quick glance at his alien face.
Zim looked fuming as every time he had to deal with the Skool and it's stinking habitans; also he was constantly mumbling something under his breath.
Just from that view, it seemed to be a routine day of Skool with an annoying small alien.
But something told Dib that this grade wouldn't be normal in the slightest, not only Skool-related stuff (first day of Middle Skool), but especially when it came to Zim.
Dib got the feeling that Zims and his relationship will change dramatically to a totally different one...
He didn't knew if he liked that thought.

Zim walked over to the lunch benches and sat down at an isolated one. The less communication, the better. At least until he knew not so annoying people. He looked down and glanced around at the students.

As Dib fetched his food he glanced around in the cafeteria.
He saw Zim, sitting in the far corner of the room glancing around.
Suddenly their eyes met and Dib quickly averted the Irken ones and looked away, blushing mildly.
Why was he blushing anyway!?
After a few moments Dib got the urge to walk over to Zim and just speak with him.
Maybe because of that premonition this morning...
So he trotted to Zims table in the corner and just sat across from him.
"H-Hey, Zim. How's it going.", Dib said kinda meek.
He wanted to sound more casually but damn he was nervous...

Zim frowned at him and glared. His bangs casted a shadow on his eyes makeing him look rather possessed by a demon or something along those lines."What do you want?"

Getting irritated at Zims tone, Dib resopnded:
NO...There is no catch or something. Geez Zim, I just wanted to be nice for once. I-I got no bad intention this time. Ya' know, I guess it would be good, if we wil get along this grade; or at least not constantly fighting or insulting each other. Because I .... I won't hate you anymore", he mumbled this last part under his breath, just realizing it in this very moment. Wow. He really hoped, Zim didn't heard this last words.
Dib now forced a small smile, rubbing his neck:
"Ähem...I mean, I should go now. S-Sorry to bother you, Zim."
Dib stood up and turned around, just about to leave the table...

Zim sighed and rolled his eyes. "Wait."

As Dib heard that little word from Zim, he couldn't help but make a tiny smile.
He turned around and fixed his eyes on Zims.
"Y-yes, Zim?"

Zim grinned," you're zipper is down."

Instantly blushing at that statement, Dib looked down and fumbled around with his zipper. But this damn thing woldn't move a milimeter.
'Why now of all times!'
And he could feel Zims eyes on him the whole time...
it's starting to get embarassing as Dib stood there, trying desdperately to close his pants.

Zim chuckled, an amused chuckle though. Not an evil chuckle that he usually did. "Just sit down."

Dib stopped his actions and did as he was told.
"And stop your grinning! It's not THAT funny."
But Dib couldn't help but chuckle as he thought about it.
"Well, maybe a bit...", he smiled and looked at Zim.

Zim smirked. "It was HALARIOUS."

Dib's chuckle soon turned into a full laughter.
"Yeah. I guess you're right." Zims joy was really contagious. And that smirk...
Dib suddely leaned forward to Zim: "And you know what?" Snickering. A few seconds passed.
"I can see your antennae..." He gave Zim a goofy grin.

Zim shrugged."I don't mind it. It just looks like it's part of my hair."

Still smiling like a goof DIb said: "I see...So I guess I can ruffle your "hair" a bit."
Quickly, he leaned forward a bit more and shot his hand into Zims wig and antennaes, just wanting to irk him some.

Zims eyes widen then closed them leaning forward. He purred loudly.

There was this strange sound. A...purring. From Zim?! It was kinda alluring to hear and drew Dib automatically closer to Zim . He kept weaving his hand through his "hair" and antennaes.
Then, out of a strange instinct and with a sudden tug on Zims wig, Dib engulfed the Irkens lips, sucking on it a bit. The purring vibrated in his muoth and down his throat. Man, it was addicting...

Zims eyes widen and froze, he stopped purring. Dib was...KISSING him?!

Feeling Zims tensing, DIb pulled back immediately, his whole face red like a overripe tomato. He stared at Zims shocked face and couldn't form a coherent sentence., so he stammered: "I-I was just...ähem..." He whimpered.
"That purring...a-and your...your face. I didn't mean to...ummm"
Dib shut his eyes tightly, growled and leapt out of the seat and rushed out of the cafeteria with wet eyes.

Zim was still frozen. Dib....kissed me....kissed me....ME... A moment later he stood up and grabbed his bag then went after Dib.

Dib skittered down the hallways, just wanting to be alone for a few minutes. The lunch break wasn't over yet, so he decided to leave the building, hoping the fresh air would calm down his nerves and the swirling thoughts in his head bit. So he stormed out and saw knotted tree at the end oif the palyground in front of the Skool. He ran to the tree, climbed up into his crown and sat down on a thick branch, hoping nobody found him there.He closed his eyes, breathing deep in and out and began to thick about the incident with Zim.

Zim couldn't find Dib and sighed. He decided to ditch skool and he left to Dibs house. Once he got to the humans house, he climbed through Dibs window and sat on his bed waiting for skool to be over.

When he heard the ringing noise, Dib climbed down the tree and walked to his class. He wont ditch Skool because of that. However, he wasn't surprised as he found saw the empty chair belonging to Zim. Dib already found out, that he would share A LOT of classes together with the Irken.
He couldn't concentrate on the lessons because of that damn kiss, an HE was the one who started it; and that jsut the first day of this skool year!
'Great beginning...'
Dibs mind was constantly wandering to the moment where his lips touched Zims; he was every bit as shocked as Zim but was also enjoying it this few moments.

After that (almost) boring day of Skool he was glad to have finally some hours alone in his comfy; not able to sleep so soon, too much thoughts still in his oversized head.
He got home and hurried up the stairs and in his room, opening the door and eager to rest in calm...

Zim was laying on Dibs bed playing around with a rubix cube he found in Dibs bedroom. When he heard the door open he looked over at Dib. "Oh. Hey. You're back."

Dib just stood there in the doorframe, kinda expected the Irken to be in his room, but was still not pleased to see it.
He wanted to be alone...
Getting frustrated with Zim, he said: "What.Do.Yo.Want in my room!? Let me alone for a bit, kay? Damn, it's all your fault! You with your purring and that smile!"
He rushed over to Zim and snatched away the cube.
"And give me that thing. I don't want you to...", he stopped, looking at the cube, which was solved in all the right colours.
'Impressive' he thought but then shook his head furiously and threw the cube away.

"But I want to talk to you." Zim pouted when the rubix cube was taken away.

'Hmm, Zim sounds kinda serious. Almost pleading.' Dib wondered.
He sighed. Fine. Another time for sleeping then.
He sat down on the far end of his bed, not wanting to risk something again...
"Okay, if you just want talk. Go on." He fixed his gaze on Zim and watched him carefully.

Zim sat up, sitting on his knees. "Ok. Why did you kiss me?"

Gasp. Dib really hoped he wouldn't ask THAT out of all questions. But this is ZIm after all, always blurting out the obvious.
Instantly this moment popped up in his mind. That kiss... the sizzling on his lips and his racing heart.
Again, Dibs face a bright cherry-red and he involuntarliy scooted closer to Zim.
Rubbing his neck, he mumbled: "Well, it started with your...umm p-purring. It was... kinda nice to hear a-and my instinct told me t-to....kiss you?"

"That just because I was this?" Zim leaned over and purred softly in a seducive tone.

As Dib heard that purring again, he quietly whimpered. THis time it was much more delicious to listen to and almost...arousing. Dibs whole head heated up just from that tone and because of tath thoughtd his mind created. Like kissing Zim angain and feel that green skin...
He closed his eyes leaned forward too, while his shaking moved to Zims face; Dib just couldn't help himself.

Zim backed up and smirked as his purring stopped."You're so weird."

Dib hands gripped into nothing and instead fell on the matress; he opened his eyes and breathed deeply in and out. 'He's so right...'
He looked up and frowned at Zim.
"Why are you so teasing?" He raised his voice.Just stop that sound and... get out, if you're just kidding with me!" He looked down at his slightly shaking hands again.

"Because it's amuseing and like I said. I only wanted to talk, not to kiss." Zim chuckled. "So the only reason you kissed me was because of my purr? Not because you like me?"

"What do you wanna hear, Zim? No, I never said I liked you and I don't. But...but today I got that feeling, that this grade would be totally different or new in some way. And I thought it would include us...our relation to each other. And I wasn't able to think rationally anymore back at the lunch table, because od your strange purring."
Dibs face was still bright pink for talking about such stuff. Emberassing.
"But now we're her and that kiss really changed everything, at least for me...but tell me zim; why did you purred back then in the first place? I mean, I just ruffled your hair."

Zim sighed. "I purred because you rubbed my antennas and they're very sensative."

Dib thught about that, still blushing a bit "Oh- I'm s-sorry then, it didn't knew that. So, you didn't do it on puropse just like my k-kiss?"
"And did it hurt? I hope not..."

"It's my nature to purr when I'm happy or affectionate." Zim shrugged.

"R-Really? I didn't knew that." Dib chuckled. "So there's no wonder that I never heard you purr before, when I was around..." He saddened as he said the last part.
"You liked it that much, j-just because I ...umm brushed your antennaes?"
Now he was blushing again and thought about doing that again.
'I just wanna hear that sound from Zim again...'

"Yeah. It was because you rubbed my lekku."

Dib looked at the Irken head, which was still covered by the wig, but he could see the tip on antennae sticking out.
"Yeah, your lekku", he said in an absendminded voice.
He was tempted to feel them for real, not only brushing them like last time. This time he should ask for it:
"S-So, if you like that...I mean being t-touched there....ähem w-would you mind if I could feel them a bit m-more..?" His fingers wiggled a bit.

The Irken crossed his arms then sighed. He scooted closer taking off his wig. "Fine."

The curious Dib suprpressed a small squeal, as he got Zims approval and as the Irken scooted ccloser his face heated up instantly. He lifted his right hand to Zims head, looking at that thin, delicate stalks...
First he lightly poked the base of one of them, before he took it between his thumb and index finger and began to stroke them up and down near the head, feeling taht strange rubbery texture...

Zims eyelids fell down and he purred loudly.

Just like him, Dib closed his amber eyes while rubbing Zims now twitching antennae.
And just like Zim he also hummed contently and enjoyed the feel of this odd texture on his fingers, which were slowly made their way up Zims "lekku", trailing along the tapering length of it, until his two fingers reached the feathery tip.
There Dib stopped and opened his yes, wanting to see Zim in that moment...

Zim clutched the sheets and his back arced a little. "Mmm~"

Dibs eyes widened at that display and his curiousity grew further. He jerked foward his left hand and gave Zims other antennae the exact same ministrations.
"Zim... what does this feel like? Y-You seem to really enjoy it."
He said the last part with a small smug smirk, wanting to hear that from Zim.

"I~...ohhhh~ Diiiiib~" He clutched Dibs shirt and panted as his tounge rolled out of his mouth. "It's soooo goooood~".

Dib never expected to see Zim in such a state. His eyes were closed and his tongue showed up in a very alluring manner. A long and slender ridged snake came out of his mouth he imagined.
As Zim took the shirt in his claws and jerked him foward, Dib could feel the Irkens warm breath on his neck and it sent small tingling needles down his spine.
That feeling and the way Zim answered him drove him crazy and he was aroused but also really scared of that.
So, he instinctively he broak away from Zims grip crawled on the far end on the bed with slightly shaking knees.
This is the first part of  my first ZaDr roleplay and in additon to it my first submitted deviation ever:) In cooperaiton with ~princesslove123 Nothing much to say about it, I guess I just wanted to test my writing skills a bit and well... it's really fun :D
To be continued to an uncertain end...

Zim is played by ~princesslove123
Dib is played by me

Previous one: [link]
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